About Our Baking and Cooking Classes

BAKE! is Zingerman's hands-on teaching bakery in Ann Arbor, MI, tucked between Zingerman's Bakehouse and Zingerman's Creamery. At BAKE! we share our knowledge and love of baking with the home baker community, seeking to preserve baking traditions and inspire new ones. We offer dozens of different bread, pastry and cake hands-on baking classes and sometimes cooking classes in our teaching kitchens. All of us at Zingerman's Bakehouse know the joy and excitement of baking something really good and sharing it with friends when it's hot out of the oven. You'll leave our baking and cooking classes with that same joy, the food you made in class and the inspiration and skills to bake at home!

Our BAKE! Staff

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Sara Molinaro
BAKE! Principal
Nikki Lohmann
BAKE! Instructor
Susan Chagas
BAKE! Instructor
meg panchame
BAKE! Instructor
Amy Emberling
Managing Partner, Zingerman's Bakehouse
Frank Carollo
Managing Partner, Zingerman's Bakehouse

What happens in a BAKE! class?

In The Press

Educational Escapes (pdf)

Country Living, March 2012

Country Living encourages readers to take a BAKE! class to learn how to make our "legendary bread."

Bread Alone (pdf)

Saveur, April 2011

Saveur Magazine searched high and low for a rye bread that would stand up to their pastrami and corned beef. To their surprise, they didn't find that rye in NYC, they found it here in Ann Arbor at Zingerman's!

Get Schooled

Ready Made, Feb/March 2010

BAKE! classes are a great way to learn a new craft, start a new career or try something different.

Every Day Travel (pdf)

Rachael Ray Mag, 2010

Rachael Ray recommends BAKE! classes as one of "the best, most affordable ones out there."

Loafing Around in Ann Arbor, MI on Bake-cation

Chicago Sun Times

"The best part is you get to make a mess doing the fun stuff: baking. Zingerman's takes care of the not-so-fun prep work and cleanup," enthuses Chicago Sun Times travel editor Lori Rackl, who attended a recent 4-day Zingerman's Bake-cation. Rackl adds that the classes "are designed for all skill levels, from Martha Stewarts in the making to those whose baking experience consists of popping open a tube of refrigerated cookie dough."

Ann Arbor's Food Revolution (pdf)

Travel + Leisure, November 2008

Francine Maroukian tours the Zingerman's Community of Businesses and lingers at Zingerman's Roadhouse for "a taste of the best regional dishes in the country."

A Profile of Zingerman's co-founder Ari Weinzweig (pdf)

Everyday with Rachel Ray, September 2007

Trips You'll Talk About (pdf)

Midwest Living, May 2007

Profiling the four-day BAKE-cation, Hannah Agran calls it a "chocolate-dipped, cream-filled opportunity to learn from the best."

Bread by Post (pdf)

House and Garden, April 2007

Bakehouse favorites are highlighted in this roundup of some of the country's best mail order breads.

BAKE Someone Happy (pdf)

Detroit Free Press, February 2007

Free Press food writer Sylvia Rector reports on the four-day BAKE-cation.

What Are Are Your Baking Classes Like?

  • Very hands on! Roll up your sleeves and dig in. This will help you learn. Though we do offer a few demonstration classes for those who prefer to just observe.
  • Designed for home bakers of different skill levels! From those of you who have never touched a measuring spoon in your life to those who feel pretty accomplished and want to learn more.
  • Available for all ages! Adult classes (17 to infinity) and family classes (adult with a child of 7+).
  • Informative! Each baking class includes a discussion of ingredients and a time to taste in order to understand the value of using flavorful ingredients and using traditional methods.
  • A comfortable place to learn! Class size is limited to a dozen students and includes at least two instructors. You'll get one-on-one instruction and all of your questions answered.
  • Guaranteed to fill your belly! Not only will you be tasting what we create in the class, you will be returning home with your own delicious goodies to share with friends and family.
  • We do all the measuring and cleaning up!
  • Fun! Of course.

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