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BAKE!-cation Weekend: Pastry 2.0

Zingerman's pastry baking class

There are so many delicious and interesting pastries to make we thought we'd create a 2nd version of our popular weekend class for all you baking enthusiasts. Join us to travel through the U.S. for brownies, doughnuts, cupcakes and a whole grain muffin to Europe for danish, mandelbrot (Jewish biscotti), and countryside tarts. We'll end our journey in North Africa with a Tunisian orange cake. You'll learn a useful range of baking techniques from yeasted dough creation to tart dough mixing and rolling to cupcake decorating. Your BAKE!-cation weekend includes two breakfasts and two lunches.

You'll head home with our recipes, the knowledge to recreate them and all the pastries you made in class (enough to fill a suitcase). This experience will leave you with sweet memories guaranteed.

No upcoming classes scheduled at this time.

It made me feel like I worked in a professional kitchen. - Carla F.