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Chocolate Truffles with Nancy Biehn from Sweet Gem Confections

Zingerman's Nancy Biehn truffle making class
It’s time to treat yourself to a box of truffles. Hand-made truffles! Ann Arbor confectioner, Nancy Biehn, is joining us at BAKE! For a special hands-on candy making experience. She will explain the process of turning Theobroma Cacao into chocolate, the chocolate tempering process and how to make hand-rolled truffles. You will prepare ganache for truffle centers, temper dark, milk and white chocolate, shape, enrobe and decorate chocolates, all guided by Nancy’s skill and expertise. Your gift giving just got way more delicious!

You’ll leave BAKE! With recipes, the knowledge to recreate them at home, chocolate ganache to use later, a box of your own hand-made truffles and great coupons!

No upcoming classes scheduled at this time.

The class was fascinating - Jan M.