Hunka Burnin' Love Cake

The first version of our Hunka Burnin’ Love cake was created in the late ’80s at Zingerman’s Delicatessen. Then, as today, the Deli version is a whopping 7-pound cake! It’s a four-layer, 9-inch round cake that can easily satisfy 30 people. (The Deli serves big pieces though, so each cake is cut into 16 slices for individual sale.) The cake itself is a fudgy, dense, chocolate buttermilk cake filled and iced with lusciously smooth dark chocolate Swiss buttercream. 

In this hands-on class, we’ll teach you how to create a more modest-sized (9-inch, 2-layer) Hunka Burnin’ Love cake that is great for birthdays or just everyday enjoyment. 

You'll leave the BAKE! class with our recipes, the knowledge to recreate them at home, and the Hunka Burnin' Love cake you made in class.

In-Person: We'll end class with a tasting of what we made and you'll go home with some great coupons.

Virtual: You’ll need a stand mixer with paddle and whisk attachments.

Our classes (except for family classes & kids camps) are for adults 17 & up.

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