Midwestern Baking with Shauna Sever

Shauna Sever, baker and author of Midwest Made

When it comes to defining what we know as all-American baking, everything from Bundt cakes to brownies have roots that can be traced to the great Midwest. German, Scandinavian, Polish, French, and Italian immigrant families baked their cultural heritage into the foodways of the American Midwest. European sensibilities are instilled in midwest pies, breads, cookies, and pastries yet they manage to feel distinctly home-grown. After more than a decade of living in California, author Shauna Sever rediscovered the storied, simple pleasures of home baking in her Midwestern kitchen.

Join Shauna for an evening of classic Midwestern baking, where she’ll demonstrate some comforting recipes, including:

Nebraska Runzas, soft yeast rolls filled with ground meat, cabbage, and onions
Taffy apple salad
Bumpy cake

You’ll leave BAKE! with recipes, the knowledge to recreate them at home, happy taste buds, and great coupons.

You're also invited to have Shauna sign your book after class. Her book will be available for purchase at the event, or you can bring it with you.

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