Parisian Bread Baking Demo with Daniel Leader

Living bread cover

Join the renowned Daniel Leader, baking pioneer, and two-time IACP award winner, for two hours of baking fun. Dan will demonstrate several recipes from his newest book: 

  • 4-hour Baguette 
  • Baguette au Charbon Vegetal (baguette with active charcoal)
  • Domberger Rye
  • Pane Altamura (Italian naturally leavened bread made with durum wheat)

He'll also tell us stories about his life and sign books. We'll cap it off with a tasting, so you'll go home with a full belly and a full mind.

At twenty-two, Daniel Leader stumbled across the intoxicating perfume of bread baking in the back room of a Parisian boulangerie, and he has loved and devoted himself to making quality bread ever since. He went on to create Bread Alone, the now-iconic bakery that has become one of the most beloved artisan bread companies in the country. Today, professional bakers and bread enthusiasts flock to Bread Alone's headquarters in the Catskills from all over the world to learn Dan's signature techniques and baking philosophy.

In his groundbreaking book, Living Bread: Tradition and Innovation in Artisan Bread Making, he offers a comprehensive picture of bread baking today for the enthusiastic home baker. With inspiration from a community of millers, farmers, bakers, and scientists, Living Bread provides a fascinating look into the way artisan bread baking has evolved and continues to change—from wheat farming practices and advances in milling, to sourdough starters and the mechanics of mixing dough.

"There’s something so satisfying in putting the world aside for one moment to focus on making delicious bread." —Daniel Leader (Read more from Daniel about his new book, the role of curiosity in preserving traditions, balancing tradition and innovation, today’s baking landscape, and his advice to novice home bakers on our blog.)

You’ll leave BAKE! with recipes, the knowledge to recreate them at home, happy taste buds, and great coupons.

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