Scrappy Flavor Infusions with Lindsay-Jean Hard

Stock by Penny De Los Santos

Local author Lindsay-Jean Hard shares ideas for infusions from her IACP Award-nominated cookbook, Cooking with Scraps. It couldn’t be easier to make infusions: Take your flavoring agent, place it in a jar, cover it with a liquid (water, vinegar, alcohol), and let them hang out until they taste good.

We’ll talk about how different food scraps can be used in different types of infusions and how to use those resulting blends, and, of course, you'll get to taste them, too.

Types of infusions we'll cover:

- Water: Both infused water blends for spa-like sips at home as well as homemade stock that easily beats storebought
- Vinegar: Take your dishes up a notch with flavored vinegars for sprinkling or salad dressings
- Milk & Cream: Your desserts won't know what hit them
- Salts & Sugars: They're flavorful and beautiful, a win-win for your dishes
- Alcohol: Scrappy infusions lead to over-the-top cocktails, like Lindsay-Jean's favorite—her Beet Peel Margarita

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