Fancy Schmancy Holiday Cookie Ingredient Kit 2022 with Shipping

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Fancy Schmancy Holiday Kit 2022

Get (almost!) everything you need for this year's Fancy Schmancy Holiday Cookie lineup. Ingredients will come already scaled for your baking pleasure.  

Alfajores Ingredients: All-purpose flour, powdered sugar, cornstarch, salt, dulce de leche (sweetened caramelized milk)

Alfajores Equipment: 1 3/4" round cutter

Sesame Thumbprints Ingredients: All-purpose flour, granulated sugar, vanilla, salt, sesame seeds, cherry preserves.

Sesame Thumbprints Equipment:  ⅓-ounce scoop

Chocolate Orange Ginger Crinkles Ingredients: Frederick sifted flour, granulated sugar, 68% bittersweet chocolate (French Broad), salt, ground ginger, vanilla, powdered sugar.

Whole Grain Cut-out cookies Ingredients: Soft white wheat flour, whole rye flour, salt, granulated sugar, salt, ground cardamom, powdered sugar for royal icing.

Whole Grain Cut-out cookies Equipment:  3" tree cutter

The Kit will also include a small bottle of vanilla extract as well as 2 small pastry bags and sheets of parchment paper for baking. 

The kit includes the recipes and a grocery list with the additional ingredients that you will need to provide.

Please note that items in the kits cannot be swapped out or exchanged. (If you have a duplicate, share with a friend or invite a buddy to bake with you!) 

Kits will ship out at least one week prior to your scheduled class.