All About Wood-Fired Ovens with Alejandro Ramon

Focaccia bread

Our BAKE!-cations® are the ultimate experience for the home baker! We guide you through a comprehensive education in baking techniques in a fun, exciting, relaxed, and always hands-on classroom full of good humor and expert instruction. Your BAKE!-cation® includes breakfast and lunch every day, and you'll need an empty suitcase to bring home all the great food you've made!

Join us for our 2-day weekend hands-on class. This is a one-of-a-kind culinary experience that exclusively will use the BAKE! Wood-Fired Oven led by former BAKE! Instructor and Oven Builder Alejandro Ramon. You will join fellow enthusiasts to learn how to fire the oven, manage the fire, and transition the oven’s heat for various styles of Wood-Fired Oven cooking and baking techniques.
To showcase the versatility of the oven we’ll be making pita, Napoli-style pizza, focaccia, Tuscan roasted pork tenderloin, balsamic roasted beets, roasted sweet potato and fennel, a rustic pear tart, and southern cornbread. 

You’ll take home wood-fired oven recipes, tip & techniques, resources guides, equipment list, and all the food you made in class!

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