Where is BAKE!
Click here for a map and directions to BAKE!

What should I wear?
Please wear comfortable clothes you don't mind getting a little floury. We suggest short-sleeved shirts and closed-toe comfortable shoes. We wear hats, you can wear one also if you like, but you don't have to.

What if I'm hungry during class?
Please come nourished and ready to BAKE! Try to eat prior to your arrival or give yourself time to get something at our shop, which will be open. If that all doesn't work out let us know. We like to feed little snacks to people.

Can my teenager come to an adult class?
If you think your child can concentrate for the length of an adult class and would enjoy it, we would be happy to discuss having them come to one. Kids 13-16 years old can join an adult in any class (except BAKE!-cations) for 50% off the regular class price. Please call 734-761-7255 for this discount.

What if I can't make it to class, can I get my money back?
If you cancel with at least 3 days notice, you will receive either a full cash refund or credit towards a future class. If you cancel with less than 3 days notice, you will receive credit for a future class only. We're sorry, no refund for classes cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

If you cancel a BAKE!-cation with more than 30 days notice you will receive a full refund. With 14 to 30 days notice you will receive a refund of half the cost. Canceling a BAKE!-cation with less than 14 days notice and you will receive no refund. Class credits will expire if not used within 5 years from the date of cancellation.

Do my class credits expire?
If you cancel a class and get a class credit for the amount, your credit lasts 5 years from the date of cancellation.

Fancy Schmancy Holiday Cookies 2017 Cancellation Policy
This special class has some special rules:
If you cancel a spot in any Fancy Schmancy Holiday Cookie class with more than 7 days (one week) notice, you will receive a full refund.
There will be no refunds or credits for Fancy Schmancy Holiday Cookie classes cancelled less than 7 days prior to class.
BAKE! will donate half of all cancelled Fancy Schmancy class fees to local charities this holiday season, or if you can't make it to class you could send a friend in your place.

Do we provide aprons?
We sure do. We have aprons, pens, paper and towels all ready for you.

I can't come to a class, will you send me the recipes?
We want you to be successful, so we have decided that recipes come with class attendance. As many of our students have noted, there is nothing like seeing someone do it, doing it yourself and getting immediate feedback.

Should we come a little early?
Coming 5 minutes early would be great. Most of our classes are very full with activity and we'd like to get you out on time, so starting on time really helps.

Can you recommend a hotel?
Call Weber's Inn, 7 miles from us, at (734) 769-2500 and ask for the Zingerman's rate. Also try the Sheraton, 1 mile from us, Davies House Inn Bed & Breakfast, 2 miles away, or Avalyn Garden Bed & Breakfast, 4 miles away.