Baking with Freshly Milled Whole Grains Demo with Hazim Tugun

We're passionate about freshly milling our own flours for a whole host of reasons. They're nutritious, they build our local grain economy, they reduce waste... We could go on and on! Perhaps most of all, they're delicious, and we think you'll fall for them, too.

Interested in milling them and baking with them yourself? You're in luck! In this virtual demo*, you'll watch us make our naturally leavened Country Miche bread, featuring a flavorful combination of grains including hard red spring wheat, spelt, buckwheat, and rye, and our olive oil cake made with freshly milled whole grain durum wheat. We'll also demonstrate how to mill your own grains using a Mockmill

We’ll leave time to answer any questions you might have about working with freshly milled flours or milling at home. (We'll also talk a little bit about working with a starter; but for a deep dive into the world of natural leavening, join us for our multi-day virtual class on Naturally Leavened Bread!)

You'll leave the BAKE! demo with a better understanding of freshly milled whole grains and a new understanding of home milling (including how one can fit into your lifestyle).

*Please note that this is not a virtual hands-on class but a demonstration held over Zoom.

Read more about our Country Miche and freshly milled durum on our blog!

About Hazim Tugun

Originally from the island of Cyprus, Hazim decided to immerse himself in the world of bread baking and all foods fully flavorful after a career in environmental engineering. He joined the Bakehouse team in 2016 with a focus on bread quality and innovation. You may find him at the bench with his baker friends rolling Farm dough, milling flours on our stone mills, teaching a Naturally Leavened Bread class at BAKE!, tasting breads, loudly (he calls it "passionately") elaborating on the benefits of whole-grain flours or temperature for sourdough baking, or stopping in his tracks to think about the next possible bread or improvement. Science is dear to him, and he loves windsurfing!! He was recently featured on Rise Up! The Baker Podcast with Mark Dyck talking about getting his start in baking, the tension of leaping into a new career, and working on a team where he can be his whole self.

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