Beyond the North Wind: Exploring Russia Through Food

This talk and tasting will transport you to Russia’s northernmost reaches, where the extremes of climate have inspired an inventive, resilient, and earthy cuisine. Darra Goldstein’s Beyond the North Wind re-conceptualizes Russian food practices by revealing the benefits of austerity rather than its limitations—how a harsh climate, poor soil, and limited availability of foods can foster an astonishingly complex cuisine characterized by exhilarating flavors and innovative techniques. Her latest cookbook is both accessible and transporting, celebrating whole grains, preserved and fermented foods, and straightforward but robust flavors.

We’ll be serving a selection of dishes, all from Beyond the North Wind. Goldstein’s dishes and discussion will bring to life a rarely seen portrait of Russia, its people, and its palate, giving us all a glimpse into the little-known culinary history of this fascinating and wild part of the world.

Darra Goldstein has been immersed in Russian culture and cuisine for more than forty years. She served as the spokesperson for Stolichnaya Vodka when it was first introduced to the US and consulted for New York City’s Russian Tea Room and Firebird restaurants. Goldstein is the Willcox B. and Harriet M. Adsit Professor of Russian, Emerita, at Williams College and the founding editor of the James Beard Award-winning journal Gastronomica. She has authored and edited more than a dozen books, including The Georgian Feast.

This event will be held at ZingTrain, at 3728 Plaza Dr. (This is in our same parking lot, directly across from the Zingerman's Coffee Company.)

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