Cooking in Pursuit of the American Dream with Dayana Salazar

We Are La Cocina: Recipes in Pursuit of the American Dream, by Caleb Zigas and Leticia Landa

Dayana Salazar was a waitress from the age of 7, carrying bowls of pozole and hot pambazos through her mother’s one bedroom apartment to customers watching Mexican football in their informal home restaurant. As a teenager, she grew El Huarache Loco as they formalized, expanded, and ultimately opened their award-winning restaurant in Marin, CA.

Watch Dayana cook up some huaraches, sandal-shaped corn tortillas stuffed with beans, griddled, and finished with different braised meats and toppings.

We'll enjoy tasting them together as she shares stories of her experience with La Cocina, a nonprofit business incubator that supports talented, working-class food entrepreneurs—primarily immigrant women and women of color—in building successful food businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. La Cocina’s vision is that everyone will be able to make a living doing what they love to do, and Dayana’s family is no exception to that rule.

In La Cocina’s first cookbook, We Are La Cocina, more than 50 successful La Cocina entrepreneurs share their inspiring narratives and delicious recipes. It’s a perfect book for cooks who love great global recipes and support organizations that make a big difference. You’re invited to have Dayana sign your book after class. The book will be available to purchase at the event, or you can buy it here and bring it with you.

You’ll leave BAKE! with the recipes, the knowledge to recreate them at home, happy taste buds, and great coupons.

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