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Dinner Series: Italian

Dinner Series: Italian
Let's make dinner together! Bakehouse managing partner Frank Carollo will show you how to make his favorite pasta dish with Italian sausage, pugliese sauce and greens. You'll even make your own pasta dough and practice hand-shaping a few orecchiette, a small oval pasta shape. We’ll accompany this comforting dish with fresh baked semolina rolls and biscotti. You'll go home with dinner for four!

You'll leave BAKE! with our recipes, the knowledge to make them at home, pugliese sauce for 4 people, 2 dozen sesame semolina rolls, 2 dozen cherry sesame biscotti, pasta dough, sesame semolina dough to bake at home, plus great coupons.

**You may want to bring a cooler to put your take-home dough in, if you are traveling more than an hour to attend class.

No upcoming classes scheduled at this time.

I always learn some new technique in addition to recipes. - Sheryl S.