Eating in America with Emily Contois

Emily Contois

Eating in America Over the Last Century: What Changed and What Stayed the Same

In this talk, Professor Emily Contois will share how American ways of eating and thinking about food over the last century have ebbed and flowed, changed and stayed the same. She will discuss some of the events and themes that have most dramatically shaped how and why we eat, such as nutrition science and nutritionism, wartime rationing and midcentury affluence, hippies and yuppies, dietary guidelines and diet culture, social media and yes, even food porn. Situating what we eat within broader historical, social, and cultural context, Professor Contois will explore how food always tells stories about who we are and hope to be.

Emily Contois' research explores the connections between food, the body, health, and identities in the everyday American experience and popular culture.  She has a PhD in American Studies from Brown, a Masters in Public Health Nutrition from Berkeley and an MLA in Gastronomy from Boston University.  She is currently an Assistant Professor of Media Studies at the University of Tulsa. Check out Emily's blog.

This event includes coffee, tea and desserts, like: Espresso Star Cookies, Palmiers, Sesame Almond Rugelach, Rigo Jáncsi Chocolate Rum Torta, and Esterházy Walnut Torta.

You’ll leave BAKE! with new found knowledge and inspiration, happy taste buds, and great coupons.

*This talk will be held ZingTrain (3728 Plaza Dr) just across from BAKE!

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