Kids Camp - Dinner Series

Kids learn to make chicken pot pie

For kids age 13-15.

Day 1                                                                                   

Fresh spaghetti pasta with marinara sauce, focaccia bread with parmesan and rosemary, and chocolate biscotti cookies. Learn these advanced skills: pasta dough rolling and cutting, stovetop cooking, and bread shaping.

Day 2

Chicken pot pie, mixed green salad with sliced cucumbers, carrot roses, ranch dressing, and homemade croutons, and chocolate chip cookies. Learn these advanced skills: stovetop cooking, forming pie dough, and knife skills.

Day 3

Quiche with cheddar and caramelized onions, crusty rolls and herb butter, and a sugar cookie. Learn these advanced skills: mixing pie dough, bread shaping and scoring, and stovetop cooking.

Day 4
Chicago-style, deep dish pizza, oven-roasted veggies, fruit cobbler with a drop-biscuit topping. Learn these advanced skills: knife skills and dough handling.

Day 5
Urfa Turkey Chili, cheesy cornbread, and cupcakes. Learn these advanced skills: stovetop cooking and decorating cupcakes.

You’ll leave BAKE! With our recipes, the knowledge to recreate them at home, all the food you made in class and great coupons. For kids age 13-15.

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