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Magic of Maple

Magic of Maple
We have so many wonderful local agricultural products to bake with in Michigan. One of our all time favorites is our maple syrup. In this class we’ll teach you how to make maple bran muffins, maple leaf sandwich cookies and maple pecan blondies. Then we'll demonstrate a maple syrup pie. You'll get hands-on practice of rolling out cookie dough, piping your maple butter cream filling, and more. We’ll also include a maple syrup tasting so that you can be an expert purchaser. Three Cheers to Michigan!

You'll leave BAKE! with our recipes, the knowledge to recreate them at home, a dozen maple leaf cookies, a dozen muffins, a dozen blondies, cookie, and great coupons.

No upcoming classes scheduled at this time.

Thank you so much - it was the highlight of my visit to Michigan! - Melissa H.