Paczki & Doughnuts

A side view of 5 different flavors of paczki, cut in half to expose the fillings and stacked on top of one another.

This class is being offered virtually. 

Make your own fresh paczki and filled doughnuts at home. Skip the bakery line and start your own Fat Tuesday tradition, or make them anytime the mood strikes. We'll teach you how to make yeasted doughnuts and give tips on how to fry them and keep them light and fluffy. We'll also make apple fritters and buttermilk cake dounuts!  Warning: making these delicious treats will draw a crowd of doughnut lovers to your kitchen.

*Please note that this class takes place over 2 consecutive days. On Day One (4 hours), we'll mix, shape, and proof our yeasted paczkis and fritters, before refrigeratoring them overnight, and we'll also mix, shape and fry our buttermilk cake donuts. On Day Two (2 hours), we'll finish making our paczkis and fritters.

What our guests have to say about this class:

The instruction was crystal clear and I went home with LOADS of treats. —Annie P.

Very educational and fun class. I felt like I learned a lot that I can take home with me. —Megan E.

Additional Products

Basic Bread Baking Kit


Our Basic Bread Baking Kit is great for bakers who are just starting to experiment with bread baking. It comes with 5 tools that will help you get started on your bread baking adventure: a bowl scraper, a bench knife, a lame with three razor blades (for scoring bread), an oven thermometer, and a digital thermometer. The price includes ground shipping. For more in-depth equipment descriptions please go to our FAQ page or send an email to [email protected]

My Weigh Kitchen Scale


A scale is the perfect way to take the guesswork out of your measuring, but not all scales are created equal. The My Weigh KD-8000 is one of our favorites, and it's the same version of the scale our instructors use during BAKE! Classes. We like it because it weighs accurately down to 1 gram/0.05 oz, which means even small measurements will be precise. It also has a Baker's Math function that lets you calculate percentages of other ingredients in a recipe based on the total weight of your flour—a great way to figure out your dough's hydration, or to scale a recipe up or down!

The scale is battery-powered (but comes with an AC adapter if you'd rather have it plugged in) and has a weight capacity of up to 8000 grams/17.62 lb. It features a backlit LCD readout with a protective cover, and a removable platform for easy cleaning. The price includes ground shipping.

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