Two Jewish Jewels

Join us for this hands-on class, as we make two of our favorite Jewish jewels in the Bakehouse's crown. 

First, a loaf rooted in age-old Jewish tradition and laden with symbolism: Challah, a soft bread enriched with eggs, oil, and honey that was first made by Ashkenazi Jews in 15th-century Central Europe. We'll teach you to make your own rich challah dough from scratch and then how to shape your loaf into a traditional six-stranded braid. The braiding of challah was originally an adaptation from a local Teutonic solstice bread and its strands—resembling arms intertwined—came to symbolize love as well as truth, peace, creation, freedom, harmony, family connection, unity, and justice.

The next Jewish jewel we'll make is one of the Bakehouse's best-selling Jewish pastries: Rugelach (Yiddish for "little twists"). These royally delicious cookies are made with a crispy, flaky, cream cheese pastry, sprinkled in cinnamon sugar, and rolled around a sweet filling. Together, we'll make the Bakehouse's cream cheese pastry from scratch, roll it around our favorite walnut and currant filling and then bake our rugelach to crispy, flaky, perfection. 

If you've not yet tried one of these traditional Jewish jewels, now is the time.

You'll leave the BAKE! class with our recipes, the knowledge to create them at home, and the challah and rugelach you made in class.

In-Person: We'll end class with a tasting and you'll go home with some great coupons.

For more challah history, head to our blog and read: "Hurray for Holiday Challah!"

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Our classes (except for family classes & kids camps) are for adults 17 & up.

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