Unusual Flours and Heritage Grains with Emma Zimmerman from Hayden Mills

In the Grimms fairytale, Rumpelstiltskin (1812), the miller’s daughter has to weave straw into gold because of her father’s overly enthusiastic claims. In a modern-day fairytale, Emma Zimmerman has taken her dad’s obsession for heritage grains and transformed it into an award-winning flour business. Her alchemy also finds expression in the home kitchen, where she turns these unusual flours and grains into accessible and tasty meals, much to the delight of her friends and family. Emma’s passion for historical restoration extends beyond grains; she and her husband restored a burned out one-hundred-year-old house in downtown Phoenix, where they now live with their three sweet children and an affectionate pit bull. Emma tends an amateur garden and is just waiting for someone to ask her about the status of her compost pile.

Join us for this in-person demonstration class where Emma will take us through three of her recipes in her cookbook The Miller's Daughter (2022)—an appetizer of Rosa Farinata, a Farro Cherry Salad and a delicious Chocolate Polenta Pudding Cake.

You'll leave BAKE! having learned more about flours and grains, along with Emma's recipes and the knowledge to recreate these dishes at home.

*Emma's book The Miller's Daughter will be available for sale, it is not included in the price of the demo

Our classes (except for family classes & kids camps) are for adults 17 & up.

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