Why Women Stopped Baking, with Dr. Maria Trumpler

Maria Trumpler

Grab a front-row seat for our guest Maria Trumpler, a Senior Lecturer at Yale in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Her interests include gender and science, feminist critiques of science, scientific studies of sexuality, and food studies. She has taught at Yale, Middlebury, and Harvard, and currently teaches a lecture course on "Women, Food and Culture" and a first-year seminar on "History of Sexuality." She also serves as Director of Yale's Office of LGBTQ Resources.

Why did women stop baking bread at home and why does it matter?

In cultures around the world, women baked bread at home for thousands of years. Now, few women do so. We will look at how home bread baking practices in ancient Egypt and colonial America provided nutritious, inexpensive, and likely delicious sustenance along with a sense of accomplishment for the women bakers. Then, we'll dive into the waning of home bread baking and explore how changes in flour, leavening, ovens, and the uses for bread accelerated this change. 

The evening will also be accompanied by a light meal.

You’ll leave BAKE! with new found knowledge and inspiration, happy taste buds, and great coupons.


*This talk will be held ZingTrain (3728 Plaza Dr) just across from BAKE!


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